Our goal when entering the coffee market, nearly a decade ago, was to provide a higher level of quality and service to the industry while being constantly competitive in our offering. We want you to serve world class coffee while cutting your costs and increasing your profits. We provide all our coffee customers with onsite training as and when required to keep consistency of quality at a world class level.

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    We are distributors of the extensive range of Flavoured Coffee Syrups from the Monin range. Monin have a fantastic range of top notch syrups, purees and sauces

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    We have over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry. We not only sell machines but we also supply the raw ingredients and as such we want to impart on our customer the importance of consistency and quality in the production of drinks. Call it a vested interest if you will, but we believe that if you are selling our coffee we must go the extra mile to make sure your sales are maximised to their full potential. This starts with what you serve your customers. 

    We also provide servicing on most makes of coffee machine – again, if your machine is working properly it is not only protecting your investment but also helping you to achieve that perfect cup of coffee experience that your customers expect.

    We take the stance of your success is our success. We believe in teamwork and long term working relationships. Our in house barista trainer has trained many up and coming baristas up to and including some world wide barista championship contenders.

    For more information on pricing and booking, please submit a query via our contact form:

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Showing 1 - 20 of 68 items