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Freshly Cold Pressed 100% Lime Juice - 2 Litre
Review is pending moderation
Dec 13, 2023
Caffe Motta - Ground Coffee - 4 x 250g
Nice strong coffee With a consistent flavour
Sep 27, 2022
Pack of 16 x 250ml Veg Juices (Delivery Included)
This is my 3rd order and I couldn't be more pleased! The juices are delicious and the service excee ...
Mar 22, 2022
Pack of 12 Health Shots (Incl. Delivery)
Great way to start the morning or as a pick me up in the afternoon, I love these shots , I always fe ...
Jan 29, 2022
Freshly Cold Pressed 100% Orange Juice - 2 Litre
Very good service and high quality. Our customers very happy. SIMA
Jan 19, 2022

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  • JBT High Performance...

    John Bean Technologies are world leaders when it comes to processing citrus fruit around the world.

    Their machines process 75% of the worlds citrus fruit. Their machines are famed for the "Whole Fruit Extraction Principle" as it is the most advanced citrus juice extraction technology in the world today.

    The machines provide for the best juice quality and fastest juice production.

    The Fresh'n Squeeze Multi Fruit-Juicer yields up to 50% more juice per piece of fruit than any other point-of-sale juicer.

  • Robot Coupe

    Made in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a well-known region for its gastronomy, Robot-coupe created more than 60 years ago one of the first  Robot-Coupe food processors.

    Chances are that machine is still in working operation - that's how good this equipment range is. 

    Functional -  Efficient - Reliable

    Over the years, Robot Coupe have expanded on their impressive range of excellent machines to include: 

    Juicers - Automatic Sieves - Blixers - Blenders -  Veg Prep Machines - Floor Standing Blenders - Submersible Blenders - Table Top Cutters

    The machines they have produced are as good as the original, with a strong focus on quality and a constant development they really are in a league of their own.

    We can arrange a demo for you as required and we provide sales support for all machines that we sell.

  • Blendtec Blenders

    For nearly twenty years we have been stocking, servicing and supplying the Blendtec Range of Blenders.

    These are the world leaders in blending technology.

    Pioneers in programmable blending and market leaders in the development and innovation of blending.

    Each machine provides the user with the versatility that they require, designed with different markets, workloads and sound levels in mind these really are the pinnacle of world class blending.

    Where Blendtec have excelled others have failed. The Blendtec range of machines have tougher blades, Jugs, drive sockets and are also programmed to run at different speeds throughout the blending cycle resulting in a quicker, more consistent blend each and every time.

    The result is a World Class Blend.

    All of the jugs “Jars” fit all of the Blendtec range meaning that there is no concern when getting a new jug that it will not fit the machine you have, it will, rest assured.

    Each commercial machine is supplied with a one year parts and labour warranty and as service providers, unlike other distributors, we stock a full range of spare parts.

    We repair and PAT (Portable Appliance Test) all machines in our purpose built workshops to provide you with a quick turnaround (typically 48 hours).

  • Juicers

    We have been in business since 2000 and we have worked with pretty much every type of commercial piece of juicing equipment there is.  From our experience in regard to value for money, user friendliness, yield and affordable servicing we have stuck with the following brands.


    These machines are relative to price; the highest yielding machines money can buy in the market today. We can get any machine you may require but this list provides the user with absolute satisfaction each and every time plus they are all long lasting machines that far outlive a 5-year expectation as is the industry standard. We carry a full range of spare parts and can service any of these machines either at your premises of in our purpose build workshops.

  • Rancilio Coffee Machines

    In 2008 we teamed up with our chosen coffee machine supplier. We chose Rancilio because two of us in the company had extensive experience with this manufacturer and had only positive experiences with them. They make an excellent, competitively priced range of equipment. Where value is provided quality is not lost. The machines are as long lasting as they are effective. They are certified by the Espresso Italia group and are the chosen machine of Baristas and business owner’s world wide.

  • Catering Catalogue

    We provide a comprehensive range of catering equipment. Our catalogue is broken down into a number of sections and boasts an impressive range of over 8000 lines - everything from chef wear, utensils, cookware, table wear, shelving & storage, sinks and trollies, janitorial, cooking equipment, preparation equipment, dishwashers and refrigeration.

    Whatever you may need, chances are we have it in stock or can get it in overnight.

    Call now for a copy of our catalogue featuring over 8,000 products or fill out the query form.

    01 456 8327