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12 Pack of 60ml Health Shots (Incl. Delivery)


A mixed selection of 12 of our 60ml "Health Shots"

What a great way to kick start your day or boost your energy mid-day.

Simply take a shot and gain the benefits.

Charge your day & boost your health with these super charged natural juice shots. Each one is focused on providing an intense boost of goodness.

The predominant ingredient is Raw Ginger Root for its holistic properties, each juices contains 25% raw ginger root juice so there is a good kick of ginger from these babies. Then we have added individual functional ingredients to create a flavoursome & balanced shot of goodness.

Raw Juice CoBeetroot ShotTurmeric ShotPineapple Shot

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€ 19.95 tax excl.

Instead of € 23.40

As with all of our juices these have been hand crafted with care and attention to detail at every point of the process, they have been cold pressed to maintain the most amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as is possible.

The results are awesome.

They can be added to a drink or just taken as a shot - either way stay well and enjoy.

Individually these shots are nutrient rich and potent. Combined in a pack of 12 shots you have an pack of health to get you through the week.

Shot 1

Ingredients: Ginger 25%, Turmeric 10%, Lemon 10%, Carrot 55% & Ground Black Pepper (Pinch).

Shot 2

Ingredients: Ginger 25%, Pineapple 65%, Lemon 10% & Black Pepper (Pinch)

Shot 3

Ingredients: Beetroot 60%, Ginger 25%, Lemon 15% & Black Pepper (Pinch)

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Reviews (2)

A David

Aug 31, 2021
These are fabulous. What a wonderful product from a wonderful business. I tried buying these elsewhere but everywhere had a problem with deliveries outside Dublin. My first delivery arrived today and this company nailed it. They thought outside the box and solved delivery issues that the others allowed to kill their sales. They deserve five stars. Great products, service and delivery. Highly recommended.
Thank you so much for this great review David. This is the reason we do what we do. So glad your experience was exceptional.
D Sergej

May 26, 2021
I absolutely love these shots.
Thank you so much for your review. We are very glad you like them. Thank you for your support.

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