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12 Pack of 60ml Health Shots (Incl. Delivery)
These are fabulous. What a wonderful product from a wonderful business. I tried buying these elsewhe ...
Aug 31, 2021
12 Pack of 60ml Health Shots (Incl. Delivery)
I absolutely love these shots.
May 26, 2021
Blendtec Blenders

For nearly twenty years we have been stocking, servicing and supplying the Blendtec Range of Blenders.

These are the world leaders in blending technology.

Pioneers in programmable blending and market leaders in the development and innovation of blending.

Each machine provides the user with the versatility that they require, designed with different markets, workloads and sound levels in mind these really are the pinnacle of world class blending.

Where Blendtec have excelled others have failed. The Blendtec range of machines have tougher blades, Jugs, drive sockets and are also programmed to run at different speeds throughout the blending cycle resulting in a quicker, more consistent blend each and every time.

The result is a World Class Blend.

All of the jugs “Jars” fit all of the Blendtec range meaning that there is no concern when getting a new jug that it will not fit the machine you have, it will, rest assured.

Each commercial machine is supplied with a one year parts and labour warranty and as service providers, unlike other distributors, we stock a full range of spare parts.

We repair and PAT (Portable Appliance Test) all machines in our purpose built workshops to provide you with a quick turnaround (typically 48 hours).

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items