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Freshly Cold Pressed 100% Ginger Juice - 500ml


Our Ginger Juice is simply cold pressed ginger root, full of spice and packing a massive punch in flavour.

This is a natural juice, not pasturised, just Raw Fresh Cold Pressed Juice as nature intended, as such there is a small amount of sediment in the bottom of each bottle, this is the starch that comes out of the Raw Ginger when it is cold pressed. Dont worry as it stays in the bottle when you are using it to mix with other ingredients or drinks.

Its a great juice to mix in with any other juice if you want to add a bit of a punch to your drink.

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We pride ourselves on producing and delivering the freshest, highest possible quality driven products to our valued customers.

Our juices are produced by our Food Safety Level 2 trained and certified Juice Crew in our purpose build, state of the art, HSE registered and HACCP compliant Juice Room.

We use a third party inspector on a bi-monthly basis to support our existing health and safety systems and to provide us with a laboratory analysis of our products.

As a rule, we only squeeze the quantity of juices our customers have ordered, we try not to over-squeeze and we have specific, dedicated days for pressing & delivery. The end result being that you will receive our freshest possible product bursting with flavour and nutrients.

Our split compartment, temperature controlled vehicles deliver fresh and frozen goods to the greater Dublin area five days a week on specific routes for the relative geographic area.

With the use of Thermal Packaging we can now deliver our Raw Juices anywhere on the Island of Ireland on a next day basis, at a standard delivery charge.

As well as being cold pressed did you know that our healthy, beloved juices are all Vegan Friendly, Dairy Free, naturally Gluten Free and our bottles are all 100% recyclable.

We are also moving towards a bottle made from 100% recycled materials.

To keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible we do as much as we can when we can and are always striving to find ways of reducing our impact as a company.

Even our “Bi-Product” from juicing is used as it is turned into compost and other products, this avoids the requirement to use landfill or traditional non-environmentally friendly methods.

All of our cardboard is reused and or recycled.

Your health and our planet are something we care about greatly.

“Let the Juice Loose”

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