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  • Blendtec

    World leaders in blending technology. 

    Always at the top of their game, always improving, always developing.

    If you have had a blended drink anywhere in the world, chances are it was made with the awesome power of a Blendtec blender.

    Sleek, Powerful, Fast and cost effective. Pretty much sums up the range.

  • Goodnature

    Goodnature’s mission is to elevate the juicing experience.

    They began building cider presses over forty years ago, and now ship juice equipment  to over seventy countries world-wide, and provide juice business consulting services to startups and growing companies.

  • JBT - John Bean Technologies

    Fresh N Squeeze

    JBT - Formerly FMC are one of the most diverse companies we have ever worked with. Among a ridiculously impressive portfolio of industries and solutions they have in recent years acquired, developed and enhanced the already world famous Fresh N Squeeze range of POS (Point Of Sale) juicers. 

  • Nutrifaster

    Nutrifaster Logo

    Nutrifaster is a family owned & operated business that is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles by manufacturing juicers that provide fresh, pure and natural nutrition. The family has been manufacturing commercial juicers in the Seattle, Washington area since 1994, which includes supporting a variety of juicers that have been on the market for approximately 40 years.

  • Rancilio

    Rancilio Logo

    Designing and manufacturing traditional coffee machines and dosing grinders, since 1927 - Now that's impressive.

    Nearly 100 years in the making and each piece of equipment Rancilio produce boasts a history steeped in experience, design, functionality and value.

    We have been working with them for over a decade and can only praise them as a company. The machines are fantastic, the finished product is exceptional and the level of support is greatly appreciated.

    Our service manager has worked with Rancilio for over 20 years and knows the machines inside out. 

    As with all machines, we carry a full range of spare parts and accessories.

  • Robot Coupe

    Over 40 years ago in Burgundy, France, the Robot Coupe food processor was created in a region famed for its gastronomy.

    Now one of the industry leaders in professional food preparation equipment, Robot Coupe products are seen in kitchens worldwide.

    With a global reputation for quality, reliability and performance, Robot Coupe products offer a powerful time-saving solution regardless of the size of your business.

    Highly commended in the Chefs' Choice Award 2015 for Best Equipment Brand and Best Gadget in 2016 , 2018 & 2019.

  • Santos

    Santos Logo

    Santos, created in 1954 by André Fouquet, manufactures commercial electrical equipment dedicated to bars, restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops... and offers three different product lines : Fresh Drinks, Food Preparation, Coffee.

    Originally, the company was providing professional coffee grinders and cheese graters to small retailers. 65 years after the launch of the first products, Santos continues to grow and the R&D department develops new and innovative products based on our savoir-faire with respect to production of motors. This is one of the reasons why Santos products are reputed for their robustness and reliability.

  • Zumex

    Zumex have been making juicers for nearly 35 years. They stand apart from their competitors when it comes to design, functionality, performace and longevity of the machines. Providing value for money and results for investment.

    We have been working with them, servicing and selling the range of machines for nearly a decade now and we must admit that they are an extremly reliable range of machines.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items